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Bob Christensen

Click for larger viewBob is the founder and president of SEAWEAD. He is a solid outdoorsman who has a strong background in naturalist and scientific fieldwork. He has worked as an intertidal field technician, stream monitoring liason, a cave explorer, a fisheries technician, a kayak guide, a backcountry ranger and most recently as camp manager, GIS technician and researcher for Icy Straits Environmental Services. Bob has solo-paddled over 2,000 miles of the inside passage and outer-coast of southeast Alaska and British Columbia in skin on frame boats of his own construction.

Bob integrated his outdoor experiences with natural science course-work for a B.S. in Applied Human Ecology and Appropriate Technology at Huxley College in Bellingham, Washington. In addition to his skills as a field naturalist Bob has developed considerable expertise in computer technology where he creates our GIS Maps, manipulates our digital photography and video, does the layout for our reports, newsletters and posters, and fills the webmaster role at our organization. Since 1997 Bob has made his home in wilderness near Glacier Bay Alaska.