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sapsucker strip-mines in southeast AlaskaOur mission is to facilitate collaborative stewardship in support of social and ecological resilience.

We provide timely, detailed information about wildlife habitat needs, natural resource availability and integrated resource planning opportunities. Our home and primary focus area is Southeast Alaska but we also work abroad where international collaboration provides relevant instruction to sustainability challenges at all scales.

Our goals are to design and conduct ecological research, inspire and inform community-based cooperative planning and monitoring, and encourage a balance of ecological integrity and human use.

Our strategy is to gather a broad range of ecological data and present this information to stake-holders as a backdrop for discussing community sustainability.

We got our start in the spring 1999 researching humpback whale, brown bear and human patterns of use in northern Southeast Alaska. Since that time our focus has changed from single species/single issue studies to holistic and integrated approaches to the landscapes that surround rural communities. 

Our emphasis on communication and public outreach stems from a conviction that good decision making is born of an informed and engaged public. We work with government agencies, local businesses, interest groups and communities in an effort to make cooperative stewardship a reality.