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Random News

DSE Tech Support

We have been providing GIS, web site and general IT support for DSE since 2000. This support is ongoing.

Gustavus Land Legacy

In the winter and spring of 2004 we created maps for The Nature Conservancy in their successful efforts to purchase several large tracks of high value wildlife and recreation habitat in Gustavus. We are now providing GIS support in their efforts to manage these lands for the benefit of wildlife and Gustavians alike.


Dude Creek Vegetation and Wildlife

In the winter and spring of 2004 we provided GIS support for the mapping of the Dude Creek Critical Habitat Area and its surrounding habitats.


Audubon/TNC Marxan Modeling

During the winter of 2004-05 we served on a scientific advisory committee for an Audubon society/TNC modeling project that is looking at prioritizing areas for conservation efforts.


USFWS study support

During the 2005 field season we provided field support for a USFWS project comparing song bird diversity and abundance in a variety of forest stand types, including post harvest thinning.


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