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Field Journals

Use the menu at right to view field journals. Like the algal wrack left by the-ebbing tide each day, these notes record the impressions made by daily experience. Entries usually include notes on weather, biogeographic observations, descriptions of site explorations and the occasional to-do list.

These writings are 'uncensored' and may include much that would be filtered out of reports or newsletters as anecdotal observation, subjective interpretation or philosophical musing.


These documents are provided in adobe acrobat format (.pdf). Some of the documetns are fairly large in size. You should be sure to have installed the most up to date version of acrobat reader .



SEAWEAD has been running on a much reduced staff for the past 3 years and has not produced a newsletter during that time. We hope to get one together this year.


Visit this page to view archived newsletters on the old SEAWEAD web site. These tidings summarize field work, provide a context, and report on our efforts to inspire and inform resource management and public education. Liken this to an occassional assemblage made by a few beachcombers picking through the tidal wrack.




The materials below are .pdf files. These can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader program. Please make sure you have version 9 or later of Acrobat Reader. If you do not, click on the button at right to get your free copy.

forest-restoration  See more below
Click here to download a low resolution version of the Tongass Forest Restoration report, here for a high resolution version.  



Click here to download the Kake Community Forest Report. Click here to download the Kake Community Forest Report.


High rez or low rez version of a Multi-scale Analysis of Brown Bear habitat at Select Sites in the Sitka Ranger District: Summer 2005. 2009

Gustavus Plant Communities: Their Composition, History and Use By Fish, Wildlife, and People. 2003

High rez or low rez version of Brown Bear Habitat and Signs of Brown Bear Use in the Pack Creek Zoological Area. 2005

Sandhill Crane Use of the Dude Creek Critical Habitat Area During Fall Migration. 2003

High rez or low rez version of Western Toad Inventory and Monitoring Pilot Publications: Compiled Materials. 2004

Plant Community Dynamics of the Dude Creek Critical Habitat Area. 2002

Preliminary Assessment of Breeding-Site Occupancy, Habitat, and Sampling for Western Toad Monitoring in Lower Glacier Bay. 2004

Brown Bears in the Lower Lake Eva Watershed: Habitat Use Survey. 2002

Poster: A Multi-Scale Approach to Monitoring Site-Selection for Western Toads in Glacier Bay. 2004

Marine Mammal and Human Patterns of Use for ESRI Marine GIS Publication. 2001

High rez or low rez version of Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) Habitat and Signs of Use: Berners Bay, Alaska. 2003 

Point Adolphus / Mud Bay Patterns of Use Study: Interim Report. 2000



DSE Tech Support

We have been providing GIS, web site and general IT support for DSE since 2000. This support is ongoing.

Gustavus Land Legacy

In the winter and spring of 2004 we created maps for The Nature Conservancy in their successful efforts to purchase several large tracks of high value wildlife and recreation habitat in Gustavus. We are now providing GIS support in their efforts to manage these lands for the benefit of wildlife and Gustavians alike.


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