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updated - 5/3/2005

alaska wildlife ecology is a heuristic semiosis of animal signWe keep folks in the loop through a variety of regular and irregular publications. Tidings from the field are informal journal entry submissions provided by staff working in the field. Newsletters are published approximately 3 times a year to recap the highlights from the previous 4 months work and to share our plans for the near future. Most publications can be downloaded in .pdf format. You can get the acrobat .pdf reader (most of you already have it) for free at Please upgrage to version 7!

tidings from the field

Ursus meets onchorynchus
Use the drop down menu below the bear picture at right to view tidings from our field journals. Like the wrack left by the-ebbing tide each day, these notes record the impressions made by daily experience. Entries usually include a summary of the weather, noteworthy events, descriptions of site explorations and the occasional to-do list.

These writings are 'uncensored' and may include much that would be filtered out of reports or newsletters as anecdotal observation, subjective interpretation or philosophical musing.

tidings in the newsletter

Use the drop down menu below the beach picture at right to view our newsletters. These tidings draw summarize field work, provide a context, and report on our efforts to inspire and inform resource management and public education. Liken this to a quarterly assemblage made by a few beachcombers picking through the tidal wrack.

If you are interested in being on the mailing list to receive paper copies of these newsletters let us know.

Hot News - The Spring 2004 issue of TIDINGS is out! Use the drop down menu under the beach picture above, or click here to have a look.

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