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SEAWEAD’s mission is to facilitate collaborative stewardship of natural resources for community sustainability, including ecological, cultural and economic values.


SEAWEAD is a 501-c3 charitable educational organization with one full-time staff, a small board and a number of volunteers, contractors, sub-awardees and partners.


Support comes from the SSP, The Nature Conservancy, The Edgerton Foundation, The National Forest Foundation, ESRI, Techsoup, Google and Local Donors.


SEAWEAD started in Southeast Alaska in 1999. Our first project was located in Icy Strait and focused on studying human interactions with humpback whales and brown bears. Since then we have partnered with local universities, tribes, conservation groups, government agencies, businesses and local citizens on a variety of wildlife studies, landscape assessments and community sustainability initiatives.

SEAWEAD Way of Business

Our way of doing business is rooted in relationships – relationships between people, people and nature, and all of our interactions with the many inventions of human culture.

  • We are solutions oriented and focus on what we can be doing for community well-being more than what we shouldn’t be doing.
  • SEAWEAD works closely with tribal communities because we believe that the crux of the work of sustainability is to re-learn how to be “of a place”, or what our tribal partners would describe as living an indigenous way of life.
  • We understand that one of the keys to success is to be disciplined about measuring progress, and for the purposes of community resilience, that means including metrics that cover the entire “Triple Bottom Line” of economic, cultural and ecological values.
  • We believe in the power of experimentation and creativity. It is amply clear that the challenges we wish to overcome will require new ways of doing business. So we recognize our path to success is dependent on allowing our current way of doing business to adapt, possible in unforeseen ways, to changes in the environments we find ourselves in and are often out of our control.
  • We also trust in the emergent properties of collaboration to inspire a level of creativity and innovation that we can’t foresee because they are simply beyond the capacity of any one individual or organization to imagine.