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These are unscheduled posts that include newsworthy items, hot tips and random thoughts.

Website update

The SEAWEAD website is being migrated to a new format. Still a work in progress, but we hope you like it.

Recipe for Mapping Vegetation

Coming Soon... Learn how to map vegetation using a GIS model that includes: Supervised image classification + DEM-derived Physiographic Zones + LiDAR-derived Vegetation Structure + DEM-derived Wetness...

Drones for Orthos

Coming soon.... Learn how to use a consumer drone to create your own very high resolution orthoimagery and digital surface...

Task and Project Management Tools

I have reviewed a variety of online task and project management tools. I have my biases, most notably a requirement for tight integration with gmail and google calendar, so my favorites are certainly slanted in this way. I created a spreadsheet to share...