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Projects as Vehicles for Change

Projects are our primary vehicles for change. Projects provide space to build relationships, learn by doing, and can have real material impacts on the ground. Over the years, SEAWEAD has led and participated in many projects, most of which involved the study of human relationships with nature. As our relationships with communities matured over time the scope of our projects has broadened to include much more focus on the sustainability of everything that is required for vibrant communities, particularly the economic and cultural aspects of community vitality. This evolution is what eventually led us to the “Community Forest” as a bread and butter vehicle for change and working to help create the Sustainable Southeast Partnership to serve as the broader network necessary to increase the collective impact of this work and catalyze the emergence of solutions that are beyond the capacity of SEAWEAD working alone.

It is easy to get buried in the weeds of each individual project, and important to do so for the treasures that are found there, but equally important to where projects can take us on the ground is the lessons we learn from taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture, especially when things do not go as planned.