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SEAWEAD & The Sustainable Southeast Partnership

SEAWEAD is a founding member of the Sustainable Southeast Partnership or SSP. The SSPĀ is a diverse network of organizations and individuals working together to reach cultural, ecological and economic prosperity for our communities and region.

SEAWEAD played an integral role in creating the vision for the SSP, developing its collective impact model and bringing together the initial cohort of participating organizations. SEAWEAD currently provides staff to fill the role of the Regional Catalyst for Community Forestry and Fisheries.

The diverse group of organizations that make up the SSP have helped our organization expand how we understand, practice and promote collaborative stewardship of natural resources so that it is much more relevant to community well-being than we could have ever hoped to achieve on our own. In essence, we have fully embraced the SSP mantra of balancing the triple bottom line in everything we do. That is, we account for, and give equal emphasis to, cultural, economic and ecological values. This approach increases the impact of our work and broadens the constituency for which our projects have meaning.

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